The problem with trading is that there is no right way to do it. You will be told various different methods by various different people, either online or you may have paid for a premium course to just find that you have already read the content online before.

Assettrading, we simply want to show you the techniques that make traders successful. This comes in the form of four pillars:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Psychology

Our aim is to educate traders of all levels, however much of the content will focus on beginner to intermediate traders, as experts should already have / know most of the techniques.

The analysis pieces can be used by traders of all levels to help back up their view however should never be referred to as advice or a reason to take a trade. They should enforce your view on the market.

The educational content is to simply offer the facts about the indicators and strategies. How to use them, what the signals are and how you should act once you receive them.

The team of writers have published articles for actionforex, fxstreet, dailyfx, vantagepointtrading and also created trading courses on behalf of some leading trading academies. We are always looking for new talented writers and contributors to join the team, feel free to get in touch!

Bill BensonBill Benson

Technical Analysis & Day Trader

Anna CholseyAnna Cholsey

Risk Management

Rob BartlettJeremy Baker

Fundamental Analyst & Trader

Jackie EhnesJackie Ehnes

Technical Analyst & Trader